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Cord Cutting Tips:

  • Make Sure Your Cellular Coverage is Good
    It's preferable to be on your carrier's own network without roaming and check every room of your house for coverage, including the basement. Don't just assume your wireless phone works well at home, ask your friends if they can hear you well on all calls. If not, you should find a carrier that works better with Cellular Carrier Reviews.

  • Have a Backup
    Have a second cellular phone in the house. A cheap backup is a prepaid phone. Some of us have a "glove box" phone in the car. Make sure you have an extra battery and charger, both can be notoriously unreliable.

  • Check Your Speed
    If you plan to use a cellular phone as your 'broadband' connection. make sure the network offers high enough bandwidth for your usage.

  • Do The Math
    Make sure your changes make economic sense. Consider increased wireless costs and the loss of any 'bundled' discounts. Don't be fooled by short-term promotions. Project your costs out a year or two to make sure the promotional price makes the regular price you pay later, acceptable.

  • Check Your Plan
    You may be using your wireless phone more often. Unless your usage is fairly predictable, you never know when you'll face a situation that requires you to spend a lot more time on the phone than you expected. Unlimited Talk & Text plans can be quite reasonable include no-contract and Prepaid plans.

  • Pay Your Bill
    All your precautions go down the drain if the carrier cuts you off for nonpayment, and they can do it faster than a wireline company can. Better, set up automatic payment from a credit card or checking account. Make sure to keep your credit card information current so you don't lose service should your credit card expire, or watch your checking account for enough balance to pay the next bill.

  • Get Faxes Online
    Use an alternative fax service like

  • Do You Have a Family?
    Without a shared landline or broadband phone, each family member may need their own cell phone, reducing your savings. Some wireless carriers offer substantial savings for "family" plans.

  • Don't Leave Your Home Phone-Less
    If you leave the house in the hands of the baby sitter and take your cell phone(s) with you, make sure the sitter has a reliable and convenient way to contact you, the fire department or the poison control center. Check the sitter's cell phone before you leave or show where your 'backup' phone is.

  • Register Your Wireless Phone for 911 Service!
    Most cellular carriers have a method of associating your wireless number with a particular address. This is helpful if they get a call from your wireless number but cannot determine your location. Some people consider this a privacy issue, but the benefits outweigh those issues, especially if someone else, like a child, makes a call for you. Also, your chances are better to be connected to the appropriate public safety agency right away.

  • Rural Customers
    Ask your local cellular carrier if they offer a special service for your home. In some areas beyond landlines, some carriers offer a special deal for wireless phone customers.

  • "Wireless" vs. "Cordless"
    A "Wireless" phone uses a cellular network (or alternatively a wi-fi connection) and does not need to be connected to anything in the home to function. A "Cordless" phone has a portable handset that only works with a base station which is connected to a phone line and power outlet somewhere within the home.
  • Drop Your Service to the Most Basic Level
    The phone company is required to provide a basic service at a regulated price but can charge big fees for all their extra features. Drop to the lowest tier of service with no extra features and either choose a Long Distance carrier that does not charge a monthly fee, or drop access to Long Distance on that phone altogether if your telephone company will do it without an extra charge. Use your cellular phone for "free" Long Distance calls and the features that you want, like voice mail. The cheapest wireline tiers use a "measured" number of calls, or are "incoming only" which may only available if you ask. You might also qualify for a subsidized "Lifeline" service.

  • Switch to Cheaper Features
    We only Call Forward to one number, our cell phone, so we use a much cheaper form of Forwarding, like "Call Forward If No Answer", which is less than $1 per month. Incoming calls are forwarded to a number programmed at the phone company if you don't answer. This allows us to use the features of the cellular phone, including Voice Mail. Also, callers won't know your cell phone number. Be aware that switching to just Caller ID by itself could be the same cost as a 'package' that includes several other features.

  • Get a Cheaper Long Distance Service
    Some people have had their Long Distance (LD) charges increase without noticing. Since it costs to block access to LD, we just stopped using our "1+" LD service and started using a Prepaid Long Distance card. But it's a pain to enter all those digits, so get a "PIN-less" prepaid phone card that recognizes your number and makes the call with no extra digits. Enter their "800" access number in a memory location in your phone and you can access LD with a minimum of button presses. Avoid paying any more than .05 a minute for US Long Distance. Some cards specialize in discounts to certain foreign countries. You could use different providers, based on the location you're calling, on the same phone line. These cards can also be used with cellular phones that don't have free Long Distance.

  • Subscribe to a Wireline Re-seller
    There are many companies that will supply your wired service with all the features you want: Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calls, Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and more, all included in one price. They still connect to your house through the phone company's lines, so they can only save you so much. But it may be enough to get the features you want at a reduced price. You can keep your current number and you get full 911 service.

  • Bundle Up...or UN Bundle
    Switch your phone service to a bundle with your cable TV, or vice versa, but be careful about 'promotional' prices that can increase after a certain time. If yours has increased more than expected, considering seperating charges...or "un" bundle.

  • Reversing Roles
    Consider your wireline as your "backup" instead of using it as your main phone. It can be dedicated to the alarm or a fax machine, if you really need one. You can disable the ringer.

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