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Local Cellular Network Reviews
Listed by State

Observations about cellular carriers that operate their own network in the US, broken down by performance based on location, and reported by state. This information is gathered  from online research, personal experience or reports by contributors in the field.

How We Review Each Carrier:
  • We first look at each carrier's web site to make sure we have a place to direct you for further information.  If something doesn't make sense, we call for clarification.

  • We then review each carrier's network. We note whether they offer 4G - LTE or not, and look at their coverage either from maps supplied by the carrier or from external sources, including the FCC.  If available, we check how many cell sites they have, where they are located and what frequency band they use to determine how robust their coverage should be.

  • We look at the wireless devices offer, how much they support those devices, and whether the carrier allows you to bring your own phone to their network.

  • We review each company's wireless plans and how complicated they are.  We like a good selection of plans, but if they have too many it muddies the process.  Another consideration is whether they charge for additional features, activation fees and whether they offer to pay you to leave your current carrier. We also note if they offer Lifeline and similar plans and if they offer "bundle" discounts with other communications services.

  • We check out each carrier's customer service procedures.  We often call a carrier to clarify information found on their web site and try to deal with the same people you would be dealing with if you were calling them yourself.

  • We rate each carrier based on how well they perform in the areas noted above, on a relative scale from 10 to 1, with 10 being the best.  Our individual state reviews may show a different rating for a carrier in comparison to how it performs nationally.  Read More About Our Ratings.
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