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This site started in 1999 as a personal review of various cellular carriers. Over the years we added lots of additional useful information. In 2008 the number of pages became difficult to manage so we split the site into several categories and moved pages relating to those categories to different web sites. Our primary mission is to supply wireless users with the tools to help them find the best wireless network.  There are over 60 actual cellular networks in the US and we share details about each one so you'll know there is more than just the major carriers.

This site is part of a dozen sites created from that original wireless review material. All sites are run either by us or other individuals, who have expanded those sites to include even more category-specific information. 
Our other sites include:

Originally, our site began as "Mountain Wireless Ratings and Reviews" which started as a list on a legal pad of cellular carriers and plans, and the pros and cons of each. Finding little or no comparable information for choosing a wireless carrier online, we placed our findings on a web site in 1999, which officially became known as Mountain Wireless. Initial comparisons were for the Rocky Mountain region but were ultimately expanded to include the entire United States, the Caribbean possessions as well as Mexico and Canada. This site was formerly hosted at, which has been sold to another company.

We roam across many parts of the planet using cellular service, and we have added contributions from dozens of other like-minded cellular users. To them we are grateful but privacy concerns keep us from extolling our praise for them by name. Many users have given us mile-by-mile experiences along various highways, allowing us to report where service is good or bad with individual carriers.

This site is a result of these passionate contributors and their observations, made entirely as a volunteer effort. However, there are costs in running this site, and those expenses are paid by a small commission from "affiliate" links. So, if you ever buy cellular phones, service or accessories online, we would really appreciate you doing so by clicking on any of the advertising banners and links you see on our site, or by shopping at any of the links on our wireless online discount site, Moose Wireless. We sometimes get a small commission from ads displayed on these pages to help defray the cost of operating these sites. We also accept direct advertising, but our reviews are never influenced by any advertiser (although they've tried). Even if you're not buying today, we get credit if you visit one of our advertisers later. You might want to read our privacy policy for more.

We admit to being opinionated, but we also want to be accurate. We will correct any errors as soon as possible. Because this is a cooperative effort, we make no warranties to the information, which can change at any time without our notice. But accuracy is our desired goal.

This site displays some copyrighted material as a reference to the products or services being discussed, and as an affiliate of the cellular carriers and their authorized retailers, we have permission to display their names and trademarks. All copyrighted material, names and trade marks remain the property of the associated rights holders.

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This site provides images and links to advertisers, but none of those advertisers pay for or influence any opinions or "endorsements" made here as a "Review" or otherwise. The inclusion or exclusion of certain advertisers may be affected by that advertiser having a marketing relationship with this site, however no payments are made for any such inclusion.  We operate independently are not affiliated with any other company. Feel free to comment on any material found here, positive or negative.

We do not collect any personally identifiable information about you on our site and we do not use cookies. We do monitor how visitors use our site on an anonymous, aggregated basis to improve the site's delivery of information. We provide links to ads and sites outside of our own and we do not allow those sites and advertisers to track the habits of any of our visitors.  This policy applies in the United States, Europe and the rest of the world. We provide link id's to some sites which allow them only to identify our web page. We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our web sites. These companies have been directed to not use information about your visits to any of our sites other than the anonymous basis noted above. If you would like information about these practices and how to control the use of information used by these companies, click here.
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