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Questions & Answers About Wireless Home Phones

How the Wireless Home Phone Works
Q: How Does a Wireless Home Phone Work?
A: Plug your existing corded or cordless telephone into the Wireless Home Phone base unit, plug the base unit into a power outlet, turn on the base unit, and you’re ready to make or receive calls. Your calls connect through the wireless network.

Q: Why Would I Want a Wireless Home Phone?
A: The best reason is to save money.  A Wireless Home Phone costs about $10 to $20 per month...far cheaper than a wired telephone.  You get Long Distance, Voice Mail and all the convenient Calling Features at no additional cost.  It's can use the same phone base unit in almost any location including places where phones aren't normally found. There are more good reasons on our Pros & Cons page.

Q: Can I Use My Existing Home Phone Number?
A: Yes, you can transfer your home number and even use your existing telephones. If you have DSL Internet and a home phone, please check with your Internet provider first before transferring your phone number to avoid any disruption in service. The Wireless Home Phone may not be compatible with your DVR or satellite TV system – please check with your provider.

Q: Can I Make & Receive Calls During a Power Outage?
A: Yes, your Wireless Home Phone lets you stay in touch, even if you lose power. The Wireless Home Phone device is equipped with a battery allowing for approximately 25 hours of standby time and 3 hours of talk time.  As long as your home telephone doesn’t require an electrical outlet, you’ll be able to make or receive calls.

Q:  Can the Wireless Home Phone Call 911?
A: Yes, 911 calls are routed based on the wireless network’s automatic location technology, but you may have to provide your location address to emergency responders.

Q:  Does the Wireless Home Phone Require a Computer or a Broadband Internet Connection?
A: No, The Wireless Home Phone doesn’t require an Internet connection to make or receive calls.

Q: Do I Pay the Same Way I Pay the Phone Company?
A: In some cases, yes, but more common is to charge your bill to a credit or debit card.  Most, if not all services, allow you to automatically charge your bill to your credit/debit card each month.  Some services also offer the option to buy prepaid cards and refill the Wireless Home Phone as you would a Prepaid cellular account.

Q: What's the Difference Between a "Cordless" Phone and a "Wireless" Phone?
A: While the 2 terms actually mean the same thing, a "Wireless" phone refers to a phone that communicates with a cellular network and is meant to be used in any location where there is cellular coverage.  A "Cordless" phone refers to a phone that communicates with a nearby base unit that is plugged into a telephone network and a power socket, and is meant to be used within a short radius of the base unit, normally within a single building. These "Cordless" and "Wireless" phones also use different frequency channels.

Is a Wireless Home Phone Portable?
A: Yes. Since no telephone wall jack is required, you can use your Wireless Home Phone anywhere you have a usable cellular signal and available power outlet. Set it up in the kitchen, bedroom — or even take it with you to a vacation home or in an RV.  Roaming off your carrier's network or outside the country is not available.

Q: Will My Wireless Home Phone Work with a Fax Machine or Home Alarm System?
A: No, Wireless Home Phone is a voice-only service and isn’t normally compatible with services requiring data including fax machines, alarm systems, credit card machines, satellite billing, medical alert systems, or dialup Internet service. You can use some of these devices with the Internet connection of the Home Phone + Internet version of the Wireless Home base unit.

Q: Can I Access the Internet with My Wireless Home Phone?
A: Yes, some models of Wireless Home Phones include Internet access, usually at 4G LTE speeds.  You connect with your computer or other devices through a plug or wi-fi connection provided by the Wireless Home Phone + Internet device.

Q: Is the Wireless Home Phone + Internet Unit Completely Wireless?
A: Yes, both your telephone and your Internet connection use the nearby wireless network and can connect with your devices with Wi-Fi.

Q: What's the Difference Between Wireless Home Phone with Internet and Fixed Wireless Internet?
A: Both Fixed Wireless Internet and Wireless Home Phone & Internet provide Internet access. Fixed Wireless Internet includes an outdoor antenna that is professionally mounted on or near the exterior of your home or business to provide a strong signal for better connectivity, while Wireless Home Phone & Internet uses a small desktop device that you can install yourself since there is no outdoor antenna. Wireless Home Phone & Internet is a portable service, whereas Fixed Wireless Internet is not. Fixed Wireless Internet is only available in select (typically rural) areas, while Wireless Home Phone & Internet is available throughout each network's wireless footprint.  Fixed Wireless Internet provides typical Internet download speeds of 10Mbps or more, while Wireless Home Phone & Internet provides the highest speed available to it, typically in the range of 5-12Mbps.

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