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The Best of Everything Cellular
Mountain Wireless chooses The Best cellular plans and services. We picked one of each type of feature as "The Best" and why. If you're looking for someone to tell you what's Best among cellular offerings, this is the place. This page is not very popular so we don't update it very often and there's no 'mobile-friendly' version. We are not compensated for our opinions.

Best Cellular Coverage in the US
has an advantage because there are so many areas in the country where there is only CDMA coverage, and the majority of that coverage is supplied by Verizon and their roaming partners. They don't cover everywhere, but more of it.

Best International Coverage
has regular plans that include International Roaming in over 100 foreign countries with reasonable, or no, additional charges, including Data! Check the list before switching. T-Mobile is based in Europe so it stands to reason they would operate well outside the US. If you might be going to a country not listed, AT&T offers Roaming in almost every country on earth, but at a great cost than T-Mobile.

Best Unlimited Plan
offers Unlimited Talk, Text and Web. The "Bring Your Own Phone" plan provides the best coverage which includes most of the US. Some phone models they sell are limited to one of the national wireless networks. There's no contract and Unlimited plans start at $45 per month. Downloads are available at 3G or 4G speeds depending on phone model and are throttled above 5 Gb.

Get the Best Deals on Straight Talk

Best Low-Cost Unlimited Talk & Text Plan
offers a basic plan for only $25 a month that includes unlimited voice calls and text. Service is available on the entire AT&T network and you can use you own GSM phone.

Best Dirt Cheap Data/ Talk/ Text Plan
offers Unlimited Talk, Text and several GB of Data for FREE!  Freedompop makes their money by offering prices that start at Free with lots of opportunities to upgrade to a number of reasonable value-added services that still total one of the lowest wireless prices available.  They also offer Internet-access devices starting guessed it...FREE.

Best Cheap Non-Contract Data Plan
offers a big 5 Gb bucket of data per month for only $30. You only get 100 Talk minutes or Texts but overages are only .10 a minute, less than many regular prepaids. For new accounts only.

Best Glove Box Phone
is our choice for a phone that sits in the glove box for a long time. Talk & Text is charges at $3/month and Auto-Pay is available.

Best Prepaid Service
works in more places and has more local numbers available than any other prepaid phone, and their promotions include almost free phones and double or triple your minutes . 365-day expirations and auto-pay are available. Plans start as low at $7 per month.

Best Cheap Prepaid Non-Unlimited Talk & Text Plan
$3 per month gets you 30 minutes of Talk or Text with additional minutes at .10 each, but only if you need them.

Best Prepaid Refills
offers Discounts on refills for all the top prepaid services. Promotions get you up to 10% off some refills and in denominations not available elsewhere, and you get them instantly, on your phone, by PIN or by email.

Best Senior Plan
not only offers easy-to-use phones, it's backed up by personal service with an "Operator" who can help complete your calls, update your phone's features and explain how your service works. They even have nurses on call. There is single-button rescue device that works almost anywhere, not just at home.

Best 4G Network
has built the most extensive 4G network and has the advantage of using the 700 MHz band which has superior coverage to most other broadband networks.

Best Low-Cost Plan for Light Use
for Talk, Text, Data & Roaming among plans offered by the major carriers. There are plans with more minutes but not with Auto-Pay available, which will top-up as needed.

Best Phone Operating System
We don't want to start a fight but we humbly prefer Android over all others. In our house there are far fewer complaints about downloads and features on Android phones than IOS (Apple). Personally, I would rather have an iPhone, but not IOS.

The Best Carrier
Check our Wireless Carrier Ratings for carriers with a 9 or 10 Rating, they are "The Best". These top ratings will fluctuate as the reports about offers, coverage, and customer service come in to Mountain Wireless.

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