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America Movil
■ Our Rating:
(3 Out of 4 Stars)
■ Independently Operated
■ Network: Various
America Movil operates the largest number of Prepaids in the US under several different names including Tracfone, Straight Talk, Total Wireless and others.  Each of their Prepaids concentrate on a specific type of coverage or customer. Customer Service is average. America Movil has agreed to sell its Prepaid products to Verizon Wireless which should happen in the middle of 2021. Compare the various products on our America Movil page.

AT&T Prepaid
Our Rating:
(3 Out of 4 Stars)
■ Operated by AT&T
■ Network: AT&T Only
AT&T Prepaid, formerly GoPhone, gives you all the benefits of the entire national AT&T wireless network without the commitment. Choose Pay As You Go for as low as .10 a minute, or several levels of Unlimited voice, Mobile to Mobile and Nights and Weekends, and Unlimited Text. AT&T Prepaid's Unlimited plans are offered at a competitive price. Canada and Mexico Roaming is available, Mexico roaming is only .25/minute. If you have an Unlocked or AT&T GSM phone you can just purchase a new AT&T SIM and try it out. Expect some AT&T Prepaid promotions during their 're-branding' including new plans.
AT&T Phones @ Less Than Retail

Boost Mobile
■ Our Rating:
(3 Out of 4 Stars)
■ Operated by Dish Wireless
■ Network: Sprint and T-Mobile, then Dish's own 5G network.
Boost gives you a unique choice of plans and good nationwide coverage. Boost phones use the combined Sprint and T-Mobile networks. Customers will transition to the additional coverage of the new T-Mobile network, but will eventually operate on Dish's own 5G network, if any.  Their Unlimited plan is a great alternative to those from the other carriers at a good price, including automatic price reductions the longer you remain a Boost customer. Boost Mobile was sold to Dish Wireless as part of the T-Mobile acquisition of Sprint.

Consumer Cellular
Our Rating:
(4 Out of 4 Stars)

Independently Operated
■ Network: AT&T and others.
Consumer Cellular provides easy-to-use phones, no-contract plans and free or low-cost handsets. Coverage includes the AT&T network and some roaming partners. Plan prices are reasonable and are available for Talk, Text and Data. You can bring your own AT&T or Unlocked GSM phone. Customer Service is better than average. AARP and AAA members can get additional discounts.

■ Our Rating:
(3 Out of 4 Stars)
■ Operated by: AT&T
■ Network: AT&T Only
Cricket offers a competitive prepaid service on the AT&T network with Unlimited Voice, Text & Picture Messaging, Long Distance and Data. Plans start at $40 with significant discounts available for Auto-Pay and multiple users. Cricket offers a modest selection of GSM phones and allows you to bring your own phone.  Cricket phones can roam in Mexico for Talk, Text and Data but not in Canada and there is no off-network roaming available in the US. Cricket has the  advantage of using the AT&T network at a discount price and gets credit for making Mexico roaming available at no increase in price over their $50 and $60 plans.

Google Fi
Our Rating:
(3 Out of 4 Stars)
■ Independently Operated
■ Network: T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular and foreign carriers.

Google Fi offers a new approach to wireless service. Your phone will determine the best connection to make a call or access the Internet. Their plan involves a $20 monthly fee and another charge for broadband access. You are then credited each month for unused data usage. In addition to Unlimited Calls and Text as well as low-cost international calls, you have access in over 120 foreign countries. The service works with only a limited number of phone models. Establishing a Google Fi account also automatically replaces your Google Voice account.
Google Fi Coverage Maps

GoSmart Mobile
Our Rating:
(2 Out of 4 Stars)
■ Operated by America Movil
■ Network: T-Mobile

GoSmart  started as a variation of T-Mobile's own Prepaid before their acquisition of MetroPCS. GoSmart was acquired by America Movil in 2016 and now operates more like America Movil's other prepaids. GoSmart offers some very low price points and gives you "unlimited" data and will "throttle" your web speed after your allotment.  They have a very limited number of phones available, but they allow you to bring your own phone. Broadband access is limited to 3G downloads but allow 4G-LTE access to Facebook and Messenger. Talk, text and data roaming is available for no extra charge in Mexico and 15 other Latin American countries. GoSmart will be acquired by Verizon Wireless, closing in mid-2021. After that time, GoSmart customers will transition to the Verizon Wireless network. GoSmart Coverage.
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