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Cellular Network Reviews
Alphabetical List of Reviews for All US Carriers, D-R  A-C  S-Z
Includes all carriers in the US that operate their own network, listed alphabetically.

Dish possesses one of the largest assignments of wireless spectrum.  They have notified the FCC of plans that include the date of a required buildout and what type of network they will construct and there are some "test" sites now operating.  Their notification indicates they are building a nationwide network to serve the IoT (Internet of Things) market that they project will grow from 17 Billion devices currently to over 75 Billion devices within the next 8 years.  This has the potential of being a network that most of us will use, but won't have the opportunity, or the need, to sign up for.  We'll share updates as we find them at the Wireless Noise.

GCI offers wireless service in the largest number of Alaska communities. Their GSM network is being upgraded to 4G LTE coverage with about half of the outlying network at 3G.  After their recent acquisition of the Alaska Communications cellular network, they provide Talk, Text and Data capabilities over most of the inhabited areas of the state. GCI plans are more generous than average, especially for Data, and start at a lower price point, however, it's hard to determine what is included in each plan from their web site. They have a large selection of phones including smartphones and the iPhone, and support a convenient wireless home phone service. GCI has a large number of other telecommunications services that can benefit users with more complicated needs and can be bundled for significant discounts with wireless.  GCI has competitive Prepaid plans and supports Lifeline service at $1 per month.

GoPhone is now called AT&T Prepaid and is reviewed at our Prepaid Reviews

Serving 5 counties in northern Pennsylvania, Indigo has very reasonable plans that include most digital features and included long distance. They have several competitive price plans which can get pricey when you add Data.  They offer very good GSM coverage and they have expanded the network to some unserved areas of rural New York. They have a small selection of GSM phones, some of which are expensive, They also offer an economical "Senior" plan that gets cheaper if you add a spouse. They offer a wireless home phone system which is more expensive than the larger carriers but may have the only wireless signal available. Their network appears to be all 3G, and they support 3G roaming across the country.

Inland is a small company serving southeast Washington and north central Idaho. They have very good coverage and competitive plan prices. They have a modest selection of phones, most of which are Apple iPhones. Inland offers 4G - LTE coverage in cities and along highways, 3G in most rural areas, and 2G in more remote locations. 4G - LTE roaming is available on the Sprint network, with other Talk, Text, and slower Data roaming available in other parts of the country. They offer a no-contract service, called "Fuel", with a wide variety of plan options. They offer air cards, wireless home phone systems and LifeLine plans. Inland has local stores and good, local customer service.
Limitless Rating
Limitless serves the center of Pennsylvania.  Their parent company is a UK-based wireless support company that may be using their Pennsylvania network as a demonstration project...which may be a good thing. They own a GSM network with a mix 3G and 4G coverage. They sell a small number of older phones and have a small number of plans with fairly costly data add-ons, and they offer introductory promotions. Their mobile phones can roam outside their home area, but most roaming is limited to the T-Mobile network  They offer Senior and Lifeline plans, They also offer wireless Home Internet access through the same network with a nice discount for home and mobile devices on the same account.  We have received no reports about their coverage or customer service. 

MetroPCS has been renamed Metro by T-Mobile and is reviewed at Prepaid Reviews.

Mid Rivers in Montana has agreed to sell their cellular network to Verizon Wireless.  Mid Rivers will continue to offer their other communciations products.

Mobi is Hawaii's own 'home-grown' carrier. Mobi has been acquired by Verizon Wireless but Mobi still offers service under their own name. Mobi's plans are similar to that of Verizon's. Like Verizon, they provide excellent CDMA, 4G-LTE coverage on most of the islands. Mainland 4G-LTE US roaming is available and customer service is still very good.  Mobi gets a recommendation when you would rather not deal with Verizon. They offer the same phones and plans as Verizon which is extensive. Mobi's MW Rating is often higher than Verizon.

Serving several areas of rural Tennessee around (but not in) Nashville as well as some areas of extreme western Kentucky, MobileNation offers a "club" that gets you discounts on various non-wireless purchases. Their plans are all "Unlimited", both Home and Roaming, and are reasonably priced. Their plans include Unlimited Talk, Text and fairly large buckets of Data. They have a moderate selection of CDMA phones including smartphones, although they only offer older, refurbished iPhones. Some roaming networks are included as your "Home" coverage area, so unlimited is available around most major cities and highways. Sprint is their only data roaming partner outside of their home region but Talk and Text roaming is available across most of the nation. Their network is about half 3G and half 4G. Lifeline plans are available, some Free.

Naked Mobile is a discount prepaid service provided by Cellular One.  Naked Mobile may be available through other carriers. Plans are fairly inexpensive because you don't get the same kind of complete customer service offered by their associated carriers. Outside of the 4 Corners area, Naked Mobile uses T-Mobile as a roaming partner. They offer a large selection of phones including the newest smartphones.  Naked Mobile is available from only a few carriers including Cellular One of Northeast Arizona, online and in their retail stores. It's hard to estimate how good of service you'll receive so we have rated them right in the middle of similar carriers.  We may need to move Naked Mobile to our Prepaid listings if we can get more details about them from users. 

The Nemont Telephone Cooperative provides CDMA wireless service in northeast Montana and northwest North Dakota surrounding Minot. They have good coverage across their area and have upgraded their network to 4G. They offer reasonably-priced plans including nationwide coverage and reasonable data charges. They have very inexpensive Local plans limited to their own coverage area and they offer subsidized Lifeline plans. As part of the local telephone cooperative you can expect better than average customer service and bundles are available. They have a small selection of phones but they include the latest iPhone and Android models


NET10 is reviewed at Prepaid Reviews.

Nex-Tech claims to cover every western Kansas town "with more than 300 people." They are a partnership of several local telephone co-ops so we expect customer service to be above average. Coverage is surprisingly good for a PCS system. They have a wide range of plans that are priced about average with features that include Nationwide roaming. Their own network has been upgraded to 4G LTE and 4G roaming is available in most of Kansas but is limited to more populated areas in the rest of the US. They offer a large selection of CDMA phones including Smart phones and the iPhone, they have several retail locations, and offer numerous promotions. International calling and roaming are available. They offer wireless home phone service and Lifeline plans.

NNTC Wireless is part of the Nucla-Naturita Telephone Company in western Colorado. Home coverage is available on several other independent rural systems in CO, UT, OR, ID and WY. They have Local, Unlimited, National and Business plans. Their wireless plans are overpriced but they provide service in some areas where there is no coverage from other carriers. Some features like Voice Mail and Data are charged extra. Their Unlimited Voice plan works in the entire Home area but does not include Long Distance or roaming charges. There are also a number of customer un-friendly fees such as charges for downgrading your plan. They have a small selection of phones, none of which are 4G-capable, and customer service is below average. They offer 3G coverage in most of their service area and there are plans to upgrade to 4G, someday.  Nationwide roaming is available which is included in the Nationwide plans or as an extra add-on. You can choose whether or not to have a contract. NNTC offers Fixed Wireless and Lifeline plans but does not offer wireless bundle pricing with their other communications services.
Click Here for NNTC's Extended Local Coverage Map.

NorthwestCell, formerly Northwest Missouri Cellular has very good CDMA coverage in their 5-county home area and offers Local, National and Unlimited plans. They probably offer too many plans including Youth, Senior, Prepaid and Lifeline plans, some with too few minutes for too much money. Their plans with Data are reasonable but do not include Unlimited data.  They have a fairly large number of phone models including smartphones, the iPhone, hotspots and wireless home phone units. Their network is all 4G LTE but advise you not to be surprised if you experience areas of 3G coverage. 

NVC offers various communications products as part of The James Valley Telecommunications Company, centered on the town of Aberdeen, South Dakota. They took it upon themselves to improve cellular service in their area by building their own CDMA network. They offer wireless plans with unlimited calls in their local area and a certain amount of roaming usage for a reasonable price. They offer a moderate choice of phones, including smartphones, operate a fairly sophisticated 3G cellular network, and offer bundle discounts with their other telecommunications products. They support LifeLine plans. Local folks usually mean better than average customer service.

Open Mobile has merged with Sprint.  Open Mobile has merged their network with Sprint's and has sold or re-branded their stores as Boost Mobile, a prepaid service operated by Sprint. The Open Mobile name will eventually disappear.

This is the cellular division of the OTZ Telephone Cooperative in Kotzebue in northwest Alaska. They have several plans and they include Local Unlimited minutes with various levels of Roaming. Rates are reasonable and include Unlimited roaming in coastal towns across the northern part of the state and Anaktuvuk Pass, but not areas to the south. They have a moderate choice of phones and some features, like Caller ID, are charged extra. OTZ does not offer any kind of Data service on their cellular network but they do offer some Smart phones which can be used in wi-fi hot spots, some of which are provided by OTZ. This means OTZ is using older "2G" technology which has severely restricted the roaming capabilities of these phones now that OTZ's major roaming partner, AT&T, has discontinued 2G coverage. This may be solved by switching to one of the newer OTZ data-capable phones.  OTZ does not require service contracts and offers bundles with their other communication services.

Phoenix is the cellular service of the Oklahoma Western Telephone Company, which has been acquired by Hilliary Communications.  At this time Hilliary states they will be "upgrading" the Phoenix cellular network and are not accepting any new customers. Their GSM wireless network has adequate local coverage, some of it at 3G. The new owners could sell the network, sell just the licenses, or actually upgrade the network which was previously offered in combination with their other communications services, including fixed wireless which uses the Phoenix network.  The fact that they cancelled their web site implies that the Phoenix may not rise again from the ashes.

Pine serves the southeast quadrant of Oklahoma. This GSM carrier has generous Local and National plans. They offer a large number of phone models including Smart phones and the iPhone. Coverage is very good in most areas, some or all of it is 4G - LTE. They offer both Local and Nationwide plans,  Data prices are very competitive and they offer hot spot and wireless home Internet service. They offer 18-month contracts as well as 2 years. Pine Cellular is related to the Pine Telephone Company and offers some bundle discounts.

Pine Belt is a CDMA carrier and a part of the Pine Belt Telephone Company. They have good coverage in the west central counties of Alabama. They offer reasonably-priced plans starting as low as $15 (for basic phones). They have a very small selection of phones, very few smartphones, and most of them are overpriced.  They encourage you with discounts to bring your own phone. They now claim that more than half of their network has been upgraded to 4G - LTE.

Pioneer has good CDMA coverage, especially in northwest Oklahoma, with some service across the border into southern Kansas, and they now offer 4G - LTE coverage. They have a small selection of phones, including smartphones. They have a large number of plans, maybe too large, and, while some of them are overpriced, they include a good amount of Data. However, they offer an "Unlimited" plan for $49 that includes national coverage which makes us wonder why anyone would want one of their more expensive plans.  While they are adding the ability to buy phones on their web site these plan oddities may be corrected eventually.  They are part of the local communications cooperative, so we expect better than average customer service. Some basic features cost extra...we don't like being nickel and dimed and it adds significantly to your final cost. LifeLine plans are available. Roaming coverage favors the Sprint network.
Pioneer Wireless Coverage

The wireless service of the Panhandle Telephone Cooperative has good coverage in the Oklahoma panhandle. They have a newly-rebuilt GSM 4G LTE network. Plans have been simplified and can be competitive. Plans include Talk, Text and Data both on and off their network but if you "Build Your Plan", the cost may be an unpleasant surprise. They offer a moderate selection of GSM phones including smartphones, iPhones and air cards. Roaming outside their home service area favors the AT&T network. As part of the local telecommunications cooperative they have local stores, better than average customer service and bundled discounts. Don't confuse PTCI of the Panhandle Telephone Cooperative with the PTCI of the Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, parent of Pioneer Wireless, that serves the adjacent area of Oklahoma.

Right Wireless is the prepaid service offered by West Central Wireless in west Texas and is available at any of their affiliated stores. Plans includes various levels of Unlimited features including Nationwide Roaming. They have unique 'pick & choose' daily pricing which is quite reasonable, especially for plans that include 3G & 4G Data. They offer a large selection of phones including several Smart phones, the iPhone, and wireless home phone service, just like West Central. See West Central Wireless for our rating on the network.

Rock Wireless is one of the names used by the cellular service of Standing Rock Telecom in North & South Dakota.

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