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Utah Cellular Network Reviews

Observations about cellular carriers in Utah. This information is gathered from online research, personal experience, and from reports by contributors in the field.

Verizon Wireless has the overall lead in the state for coverage. AT&T has some noticeable urban dead spots, but in rural Utah, AT&T now provides very good rural coverage. Rural Utah north of I-70 is served best by Strata Networks whose superior network extends across the border into Wyoming and extreme northwest Colorado.  Sprint gets the nod next in the state due to good in-town coverage and features, and coverage on major highways. TracFone and Straight Talk have prepaid coverage available in most of the state. T-Mobile does well within urban areas, but doesn't measure up to the CDMA carriers outside of the cities. There are several small carriers in Utah that deserve consideration as long as they cover where you go including Choice Wireless that serves several rural areas and small towns across the south border of the state with good coverage and competitive plans. Utah is one of the few places with no cellular coverage on significant sections of Interstate highways, including I-70 west of Green River and I-80 east of Salt Lake City.  There are several popular national parks in Utah and some of them have good cellular service, however, that service is supplied from outside park boundaries and cannot be relied upon inside each park. Also, a large percentage of Utah is covered by National Forest lands which generally do not permit cellular sites.

Wireless Carriers Available in Utah:
These carriers operate their own network in Utah. Listed by our "MW Rating" for their performance in Utah 
Better in Utah than some other states
In northern Utah
Utah is not one of T-Mobile's best states
AT&T performs better in rural areas than urban
Sprint serves urban areas and Interstate highways
Limited to very rural areas.

Prepaid Carriers Available in Utah:
Top 10 prepaids not from the above carriers
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