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New Mexico Cellular Network Reviews

Observations about cellular carriers in New Mexico. This information is gathered from online research, personal experience, and from reports by contributors in the field.

Verizon Wireless dominates the state with coverage in virtually every county although not necessarily with the best coverage. They have a surprising number of coverage "holes", even along I-25. Following closely is Sprint who has some strategically-located cell sites in urban areas. T-Mobile with their new 4G LTE "Extended" coverage offers excellent service across most of New Mexico with the exception of a few remote rural areas in the western third of the state. AT&T has had poor coverage in New Mexico but has improved in rural areas with their acquisition of the Alltel and Plateau networks, however, they still have surprising gaps in some urban areas. Choice Wireless serves several rural areas and small towns in the state with good coverage and competitive plans.  If you spend time in the Navajo Nation, Choice has the best broadband coverage but Cellular One of Northeast Arizona has the best overall coverage favoring Talk and Text.  TracFone and Straight Talk are good choices across most areas of the state.

Wireless Carriers Available in New Mexico:
These carriers operate their own network in New Mexico. Listed by our "MW Rating" for their performance in Arizona 
Leads the state
Covers eastern New Mexico and the Navajo Nation
New Mexico Coverage has been improved
Better rural coverage than urban
Sprint is good in urban areas
Limited to small towns and rural areas in northern New Mexico

Prepaid Carriers Available in New Mexico:
Top 10 prepaids not affiliated with the above carriers
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