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The Wireless Internet
Cut the Cord and Get Your Home Internet Wirelessly.  Mountain Wireless Internet has the products and services that allow you to bypass the cable and phone company and you can do it today!
Find out how it works.
 $50 Wireless Internet Sale!
Verizon Wireless LTE Intenet & Home Phone
  • Get Online Instantly
  • No Contract Required!
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Uses the Verizon Wireless Network, Available Online Only.
  • $49.99 w/2-Year agreement, $199.99 without.
  • No cable or Phone Line Required!
  • FREE Overnight Shipping!
  • Download Speeds Up to 30 Mbs!
  • Model: T1114
  • Base unit is Only $119.99 with NO Contract!
  • Connect your Wi-Fi devices including tablets, smart phones, and laptops at 4G-LTE speeds.
  • Usable on any GSM carrier including Straight Talk.
  • Model: LB1120
AT&T Wireless Home Phone & Internet
AT&T Wireless
Home Phone & Internet

  • Home Phone Base is FREE w/2-year contract, or $199.99 without.
  • Connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices including tablets, smart phones, and laptops...all at 4G-LTE speeds.
  • 50Gb download included, lower data allowances available at lower prices.
  • Includes all Wireless Home Phone Features
  • Model: Z-700A
  All of Our Wireless Internet Units Feature:
  • 4G - LTE Downloads
  • Full Access for All Your Wi-Fi Devices
  • Backup Power
  • Portability
  • With or Without Contract
  • No cable or DSL required.

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